This is the sources from the India trip.,77.09995800000002&toCoord=28.568861,77.18548599999997,d.bGQ&psig=AFQjCNFKARjWHf63K6d-hqGf-FZX52MIJw&ust=1414488469228400,72.9132552,151m/data=!3m1!1e3

Good bye!



We are now on our way home! :'( I think it is sad, but i am really glad that the trip went well! We have had 2 and a half week of fun and entertaitment. The flight takes 14 hours with a stop in Amsterdam.

I am bored, because everybody is sleeping!!! And I can't sleep!!

Do you got some tricks to sleep better?

- Elin

O Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal...

... wherefore art thou Taj Mahal?
Deny thyroumors and refuse thy destruction;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a norwegian.

I'm in love with this beautiful palace.

Can you believe that it only took 21 years to build? The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653, employing thousands of artisans and craftsmen. Within this time there were many designers, however Lahauri is generally considered to be the principal one. I had no idea they made such art so long ago. I mean, how did they manage to get it over with in only 21 years with no such thing as machines?

Furthermore, in the 16th century the Globe Theater also was built. It was a theatre in London associated with William Shakespeare (It existed in 14 years until it was destroyed by fire 29th June 1613). A modern reconstruction of the Globe named "Shakespeare`s Globe", opened in 1997, 230 meters from the site of the original theatre.

Wow, just wow! Both two beautiful masterpieces made in the 16th century. (The New globe to the left)

A panoramic view looking 360 degreas around the Taj Mahal taken in 2005.

It's amazing how Taj Mahal still exists though. The Taj Mahal was constructed using materials from all over India and Asia and over 1,000 elephants were used to transport building materials. In all, twenty eight types of precious and semi-precious stones were inlaid into the white marble. (The translucent white marble was brought from Makrana, Rajasthan, the jasper from Punjab, jade and crystal from China. The turquoise was from Tibet and the Lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, while the sapphire came from Sri Lanka and the carnelian from Arabia.)

A labour force of twenty thousand workers was recruited across northern India. Sculptors from Bukhara, calligraphers from Syria and Persia, inlayers from southern India, stonecutters from Baluchistan, a specialist in building turrets, another who carved only marble flowers were part of the thirty-seven men who formed the creative unit. It's crazy how multicultural one building can be!

Inside Taj Mahal.

The interior chamber of the Taj Mahal steps far beyond traditional decorative elements. Here, the inlay work is not pietra dura, but a lapidary of precious and semiprecious gemstones. The inner chamber is an octagon with the design allowing for entry from each face, although only the door facing the garden to the south is used.



Hello, today Erika and I were on a bicycle trip together. We cycled to Sanjay Gandhi National park, and found a detour through the small city Borivali. It was a long and painfully trip with 30 degrees and a roasting sun. We actually used over 5 hour, and that is without our breaks!

Here is the route.

We started our trip in the hectic and chaotic town Mumbai, our first goal was a Lake in the national park which we hoped had some fine nature. And we got really lucky, for after an hour or something we came to the boarder to the Sanjay Gandhi National park. The entrance was not anything special but it did look like this:

After we entered the national park the road got a bit different. From the major bumpy road to this:

The forest in the nationalpark was awesome! And we got to see a lot of differents animals like this snake (and Erika who actually were frightened to death):

And this Chital(or Bambi) who did not wanted to move out of the road:

We were both really happy that we did not take the same trip in the northern part of, because this was almost too hard for us. And in the North you have the mighty Himalaya ranges, you would get some down hills which is fun but it would probably be too much uphill for us.
This is me with an ironic smile when we were halfway through our trip.

And by the way, did you guys hear that Magnus Carlsen won against Anand yesterday?? Isn't that amazing or what? :D :D :D today they had a rest day, unlike us.


Ganges, The Holy River!

Hello my dear friends! If you read my previous post about Hinduism you probably know that I was quite excited to visit the famous river Ganges. We went there about two days ago, and I just want to tell you that it's a day I'll never forget...

Ganges is the biggest river in India. People also callthis well-known river Ganga, Padma or Meghna. The Ganges River begins in Himalaya and it is 2510 km long, with a height difference of 3140 m. And the river ends in Bangladesh. For Hindus, the Ganges river is a holy river, and it is therefore often referred to as ''Mother Ganges'' and ''The Holy River''. When we were on our way to the river, we had a lot of problems getting to the place, and when we asked for help from random people, we also noticed that a lot of them called the river ''The Holy River'' and ''Mother Ganges''. When we got there, all I could see was the beautiful (but still dirty) river and a lot of people. It was people everywhere! But it was alright though, because people made it more fun.

Not a single one of us had the guts to step out into the water. We were all pretty tired and we didn't have any changing clothes with us, so that was a big problem for us. But the river was pretty dirty and it was a lot of people everywhere anyways. We should've been there earlier in the morning instead of in the middle of the day. But that wasn't that big of a deal, because what we really wanted was to really visit the river. And so we did! It was amazing to really see something such as great as Ganges with my own eyes!

Although the water is quite dirty (as I've mentioned before), many people visits the river to wash themselves in the holy water to be cleansed of sin. As you might know the water from the river is pretty holy, and that's why the Indian and Hindu people use it to many different things! The water from the river is for example being given away at weddings, and for people who are sick. Some also sprinkle dead Hindus ashes from the cremation in the river, and people still clean themselves in the water. Many people also sprinkle the hair of a Hindu child in the river. And last but not least a number of places along the river are also important pilgrim places, so no wonder why people visit the place!

We didn't stay for such a long time, one hour was enough for most of us (except me). The rest of the girls wanted to go eat at a place called ''India India'' so I accepted their wish, and we left to eat! Btw; the food in India tastes amazing! So yummy, fresh and a lot of hot spices, different seasoning and tastes.. Something we're not fully used to back in Norway. 

- TAISA. Sources:,


The clock is almost 8 here, but we are all watching (in the background) the Chess World Championship via

Here is the link to the game:http:

We are having a great time!



Hello, today we have been almost a hate-object. At first we did not get why they started to get kind of expressive against us, when we said we were from Norway. This has never happened before to any of us, and it was a little scary. Later we got told that tomorrow the World Chess Championship is starting tomorrow. And then we started to get it. That is because it is the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen are playing against the Indian Viswanathan (called Vishy) Anand. It is crazy how one sport (I don't know if I will call chess a sport but...) can make a population maybe not hate but get a so competition urge, to make everything outside the field to do with the competition.

If you can remember to last year, it was actually Carlsen against Anand back then too. I remember that we watched almost every game on our school and at home. Or well, it was on in the background. The games lasted for hours and hours. When we watched it I did get the most of the games, since I have played chess before (for fun at school), but I swear they had a lot better tactic that me.

Chess in India has actually grown because of Anand. That's what the secretary of the All India Chess Federation said.

Anand actuallystarted to play chess when he was six years old! He has won the World Chess Championship 5 times. And his first victory here were in 2000. In 2000 Magnus Carslen only was 10 years old! Chess is not like football when you get over a certain age you need to get your retirement. No, you can go on until you are dead, or loses your mind.

i would rather #wish4Magnus

Last year Anand lost himself a lot (!), and it was a tragedy to look on. After Magnus Carlsen became the world champion everybody taught that Anand was finish with chess. But now a year after Anand is fit for fight and it looks like he has crawled back on his feet again. I still cheer for our nationality, so I hope he's not that tall. GO NORWAY!



Hello, i looked on our budget just now and I saw that we actually still had almost 15 000 kr left! Just see this:

We have used all what we were planning to use on food already, but that has nothing to say when we have 10 000 kr left to tourist attractions and a lot left to transport to. I am not actually suprised, because the taxi prices here is unbelivable cheap, and same with the attractions here! This budget would probably not work if we used it in Norway, since in Norway everything is so expencive, so it would probably last for a week as a maximum. It is weird how much something can cost in one land and be so much more expensive in another!

I think we can enjoy the last couple of days here!



(This post was suppost to be published Tuesday 4th of November)

Hello dear readers!

I am really sorry that I have been very absent on the blog lately. I am going to publish more posts J

Yesterday was a very exciting day, especially for me. I have always wanted to visit Bollywood and have had it in my mind ever since I knew I was going to travel to India. For those of you who don't know what Bollywood is or don`t know much about it, I can tell you a bit about it. Bollywood is the Hindu language film industry, based in Mumbai. I would describe it as kind of an Indian Hollywood.Bollywood and the movies that are produced there are very popular in India, but not so well liked and selling for the rest of the world.

My opinion is that the Indian movies aren`t so satisfying compared to for example American movies, but they are enjoyable though. There were a lot of famous Indian actors there when we came to visit Bollywood, even though we didn't know who most of them were, we did knew one, the beautiful Katrina Kaif. She is one of my all time favorite Indian actresses, so it was a really big thing that I got to see her and talk a little to her. She was in a rush so we didn't talk much, but it totally made my day. We also saw a lot of different film sets, and that was pretty exciting to see. They were a lot more different than expected (a lot smaller than on movies). She has played in the Indian movies "Boom", which are some very famous movies in India. I have seen all three of the "Boom" movies, and I loved them all, so Irecommendthem to all of you!

This is Katrina Kaif, isn't she gorgeous?

We couldn`t spend so much time in Bollywood as I wanted because the others got a bit bored there and didn`t enjoy it as much as I did, but that`s ok because I am just glad that I got the opportunity to visit Bollywood. We did actually spend a couple of hours there so I am very pleasant.

(us in Bollywood)

When we left Bollywood, all of us was very hungry so we started looking for an restaurant that has cheap indian food. We found a small and cozy restaurant right next to a huge shopping center. We hadn't actually been tasting the local dishes her yet but it was about time because it was so tasty. I loved the Indian food and regret that I didn't dare to taste it earlier. We tried a dish called "Tikka Masala" with naan-bread and rice, and we all agree that it was so good!It was a bit spicy, but absolutely delicious.

- Andrea K.


Hello! Today I want to tell you something that I think is very exciting! I don't know if you've noticed, but I have really been looking into the main religion in India while we've been here.
I was very excited to travel to India for many reasons, but I was especially excited to see how Hinduism works in this country. I am trying to find my inner soul by turning to a religion, and I have this feeling that Hinduism is the right thing for me, so that's why I've been extra excited toget to India. Because then I can see how this works with my own eyes! We've been here for a while now, and I've gotten a great impression of the religion so far (so far so good..). But I haven't made up my mind yet (if I want to convert to Hinduism), and time is running out. My mind is definitely being more positive than negative towards this, and I am so happy for that!

Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. Hinduism is the religion of the people in India. It also exists among significant populations outside of the sub-continent and has over 900 million adherents worldwide. Most of the hindu people in this world lives in India, so It's super easy to find a hindu in this country. And most of the rest hindu people lives in South Asia, but other than that you basically find hindu people all over the world. AndUnlike most other religions, Hinduism has no single founder, no single scripture, and no commonly agreed set of teachings.

I've gotten a lot more inspiration during our trip to India. 82 percent of the Indias population are hindu so it is easy to find inspiration, and that's a great thing for me who wants to get more into detail! If we visit any Indian family they always have signs of Hinduism in the house, like for example pictures and statues. We also found a lot of hindu temples when we were outside. Most Hindus have pictures or statues of deities in the home and place flowers etc. in front of them every day, often accompanied by a simple prayer. I feel like I have seen a lot, that has been helping me towards my choice. The "undercover-trip" to this Indian family also helped me a lot, because they were hinduists as well. They thought me a lot during our visit, everything from basic facts about Hinduism to bigger things, like rituals, its beliefs, and traditions.

And the mother in the house also teached me a lot about rituals and traditions. For example yoga is a really normal and usual a ritual that many hindu people do in their homes. Me and Sasha (the mother in the house) did yoga every single morning at it was amazing! I felt like all of the stress that was hanging over me flied away while doing yoga. Now I understand why people sometimes says they feel like a new person after doing yoga. I highly recommend it to everyone out there!

They also told me that in hinduism, one assumes that a human has an immortal soul (atman), that gets born over and over again on earth. They all believe that even though hinduism has a lot of different directions. And every hindu (mostly) also believes that karma is something important. Karma is about how the circumstances in the individual's life depends on one's behavior in the past life/karma. And the goal in life is to break free from this rebirths by achieving ecstatic insight, moksha.

The cast is something very important in hinduism, and then of course it automatically gets very important in India.The hindu society is traditionally divided into fours classes called vernaer (colours). Originally this may have been a division based on profession and work, but it has developed into a system based on lineage that regulated many key aspects of Hindu life, like career, marriage partner, social rank, and more.In the Vedas it is mentioned four main categories:Brahmins (priests and teachers),Kshatriyaer (kings and warriors),Vishyaer (farmers and buisness people) andShudraer (servants and manual workers).

And tomorrow we are visiting the famous river Ganges! I'm so exited to learn more.

- Taisa



Hello, today we all went a on a cricket-game! I think cricket is much the same as baseball or softball (In Norway it is similar to what we call slball). Other than that we all thought it was a very difficult to understand. This is how Wikipedia explains cricket:

"Cricketis abat-and-ballgame played between two teams of 11 players each on afieldat the center of which is a rectangular 22-yard longpitch. Each team takes its turn tobat, attempting to scoreruns, while the other teamfields. Each turn is known as an innings"

Did you get much of that? Not? Me neither. Taisa neither, she actually fell asleep (ha-ha). The game lasted the whole day! Cricket can last from just an afternoon to a couple of days! Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and we can't understand it other than it is fun to play "slball".

This is not our pics, due to our lack of taking pictures.

As said I was going to tell you more about the women's position, so here we go. India is a part of G-20 (group of twenty major's economies) and it is rapidly developing into an economic superpower, has had a female president, prime minister and leader of the opposition. However India is ranked in the top 4 worst country to live in for women! The Guardian says even in their article that this is "because of the sub-continent's high level of female infanticide and sex trafficking."

I believe that this is quite sick, especially when the country have had a lot of female leaders, and are starting to take in on Norway economical (we are still some years ahead though). In a country like India when all I can think of is color, dance, family and culture.

But unfortunately India had its bad sites too...

Look how crazy this map is! In 2010 The World Bank estimated that 32.7 % of Indian population lived below $1.25 per day (!!). Like in Norway we can afford a chewing gum or something for that money! I have honestly not a clue how they still are living! And before I forget: on our budget we had 10000 NOK to give away to charity. J

Yesterday we all went out in the town and bought food, water and some clothes and gave away to everyone we could find (and I don?t think its faire that we as a tourists enjoy what other may seem as a hell. Therefore we all have a little better conscience now!

India is said to be so economic growing due to the school system. Because in India everyone has a right to go to school, and it is free. That is cool, just like in Norway! The down side about the school in India is that around 25 percent of the teachers are absent every day! That on the other hand is not so cool or not like Norway, at all!

Look how cute everybody is in their outfits!

But it is a lack of schools to! Not like in Norway, where you can put in an extra desk and then everything is fine. No, the lack of schools made 12.6 million (!) children from India have to work part-time or full-time to get food to provide the family. Here poverty comes into the picture again. Many of the children drop out of school to take care of their family instead of getting a good education.

But I do understand they a little that they want to take care of their family, but they do have a very good health-care system (in my opinion) the health insurance covers hospitalization and emergency cost, and other care need to be paid up front (luckily this is reasonable compared to other countries, so that is positive).

Until nest time!



Hello, Me, Taisa and Andrea have now lived together (we came back on Tuesday) with a family for three days to learn and understand more about how the Indian people live. Erika did not join us, though she is now are back on her feet.

To find someone to live to was very difficult. We started to talk to different inhabitants on the street to try to find someone who would take us in. A lot of people were really nice to talk to but they said that their house or apartment was already filled up by other family members, we understood that of course. In Norway the most of us are living with our core family, which includes mother, father and children only. Here in India they are the whole family gathered in the same home. (Not house necessarily)

We got thirsty when we tried to find a home.

We finally found a really nice family whom just loved to have us over for three days. They weren?t the richest family we had met, but I would say the nicest! I can?t tell that there were too much space in their house either, but they offered us a sofa and many blankets to share. (The uncle in the family is now sleeping on the floor.) I just need to say that this is just one of many families in India. So if you believe that every family is like this, you are wrong, because in India, every region has their own characteristics and traditions.

The great family we got to was Hindus, which fit perfectly for Taisa since she is still searching for her true religion.

This family had three generations under the same roof, and it was very interesting to see how the members had their own role in their own 'little community'. The roles are often influenced by age and gender. The children are cherished and considered as a gift from God (not the Christian God, but one of the Hindi Gods). '

The elders are the most respected in the family and even though they don't give food on the table anymore, they are the 'decision-makers'. They have a kind of respect I never have seen before, since when we met them we always had to do the Namaste (greeting) and then touch their feet. Personally I think this was kind of weird but it gave the elders a mark of respect. I would never have done this to my grandmother, but more likely say 'I love you' or something, I don't know. A tradition is a tradition!

A Namaste-movement

The sweet family

If you look at the family you can see we got a perfect shot, but actually 5 seconds after this picture was taken everyone where flying in different directions, because the oldest girl(in the middle) is getting married! And in India marriage is considered as one of the most important phases of one's life. (Luckily) she actually knows who she is going to marry and she wants it her selves, because in traditionally Indian marriage it have used to be arranged and I have read that sometimes the bride and the groom actually never met before they were going to marry each other! The arrange wedding were actually lighten up in Norway a couple of weeks ago, when a 12 year old girl named 2Thea" wrote a wedding blog(it was staged), and she were going to marry a 37 years old "Geir". The children organization Plan, made the perfect Norwegian wedding, except that it was a child marriage and her life before is over. She had to move in with her man, drop out of school to stay in her new home, she were not allowed to meet her friends and the list goes on. Plan made this blog to show how painfully arranged and child weddings can be. It is very unlikely that a child marriage happen in Norway, but this was one of the methods Plan Norge did to set this in focus.

Here is a picture from the blog (if you click at the photo you will go right to the blog).

I will try to write something tomorrow about how the rest of the view of women is but the here in India the time is over 3 at the night!

And by the way, it was Halloween yesterday (as you all knew). We had a lot of fun! In India they actually do not celebrate Halloween! Or they have Pitru Paksha in 15 days round September - October, were they are celebrating the dead. But our modern Halloween has influenced a small part of India, and that is all because we want an excuse to dress up!

We looked so cool! Erika is dressed as batman, while Taisa is superman. (Of course) I got the best costume as Robin, batman's nemesis. Andrea is wonder woman.

Do you love Halloween, as much as us?

Have a good night sleep!


Mumbai, here we come!

Good afternoon!

First of all, thank you soooo much for the food, mum! I love you.

(Private picture)

However, all four of us have packed our belongings and now we're at the train station headed north-east to Mumbai. Andrea is still talking about how excited she is to visit Bollywood. I think it will be an once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I'm pretty eager myself!

We only have to take one train to get there, so it's just a couple of hours ahead of us. The train-tickets didn't cost a fortune though, so maybe we've positioned too much money for transport at the budget. We'll wait and see.

Looks like Elin is ready to visit even more places! I'm not thatexcited,my stomachstill hurts and we're leaving this beautiful city, New Delhi.(Private picture)

I have to tell you, I'm very angry at myself for getting sick. Especially when we were at Taj Mahal. So I've decided to visit the temple again at the end of our journey. Looking forward to not be puking in the holy river! Ha-ha.


-This post was supposed to be sent yesterday, but suddenly the internet broke down and we had to jump on the train.-


Good evening! Today we were at Taj Mahal! It was so fun, because it is so much history behind. Taj Mahal is an enormous white marble mausoleum made because of love! Taj can be translated from Persian to crown and Mahal into palace. Together it will be "the crown of palace". It is so beautiful and sad, since the palace was made by India's emperor Shan Jahan in memory of his favorite wife Arjumand Banu or Mumtaz Mahal as she was called. It is kind of weird to think that a man made a palace for his dead wife and when you look at it, you do not wonder why the palace is on the UNESCOs World Heritage Site. This palace has such a great significant that it is on that list! I believe that it is so cool!

The building looks so pretty from any aspect you see it. Here is me, Andrea and Taisa in front of the palace:

If you see at this pic we had our jackets on, but it is over 30 degrees here. We were afraid of rain, because was reporting some (??); however the weather has not been under a minimum of 27 degrees with only sun. has not been giving 100 percent good forecast for a longer period of time. But they are reporting some rain tomorrow (again), so we should get our jackets tomorrow to! ;-)

Unfortunately Erika is still bad. We taught she would be better today than yesterday but she is still sick. When we were at Taj Mahal today Erika was just so nauseous and I even think she puked in the flowerbed or the pool (sorry for whoever who needed to clean it up!). I am sure Erika were most exited of all of us, since she have been talking about Taj Mahal for a long time. I can say with confident that Erika did not enjoy her visit here today! Not even the two hours bus trip back to the crummy hotel could make her cheer up. I feel bad for her.

Poor Erika.

We hope Erika gets better tomorrow over a good night sleep. The clock is soon 2 here, so we are going to bed now! Hope you are enjoying this more than Erika! Good night J


Not off to a very good start


I'm writing this in desperation. The food here is awful, and I'm staying in bed with food poison. The others are starving. And all they eat are different snacks from a local store near us. If you are reading this: PLEASE SEND FOOD! The address is Hotel Delhi Regency, 8184, Arakashan road, Pahar Ganj , New delhi, Delhi, 110055, India. We beg you.

I think I have to stay in bed forever. (Private picture)

However, the inhabitants in New Delhi are busy tidy up after the great festival Diwali. Too bad we missed it! This year it was celebrated from October 21st and concluded the day before yesterday, October 25th.

Diwali is an annual Hindu festival also called the "festival of lights." The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. And the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika. Taisa taught me all about this yesterday in the park. So happy we have her on the team!

Look how beautiful!

She told me Diwali is almost like Norwegian Christmas. On Diwali Night (likened to December 24th), Hindus get dressed and light up lamps and candles (diyas) inside and outside their home and participate in family prayers (puja). After puja, fireworks follow, then a family feast including sweets (mithai), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends, just like the presents we give on Christmas Eve. Wish we came four days earlier, it would've been so much fun!


On the Diwali Night.


And, I have to inform you readers about the pictures. If I've used other pictures than just private ones, there'll be a hyperlink connected to the picture andyou'll directly get to the site I found them on.



Hello! Sorry for not updating in a long time, but we?ve had some hectic days. Now we?ll tell you about our first day here in beautiful India. After 14 hours on the plane, we finally arrived in India on Saturday. It was a long and painful trip, but what would you expect when you get really cheap tickets. We both dislike flying but especially Taisa. She was nervous and shaky all the way from Norway to New Delhi. And it didn?t get better whenthis little kid next tousstarted crying as loud as he could (at least it felt like). This kid honestly cried for hours. And it wasliterally killing us both.

We landed in New Delhi 7am, local time. The first thing we did was to first of all, get toour hotel (Hotel Dalhi Regenci)with a taxi (the taxi prices here are really cheap). When we got to the hotel we started to unpack our bags, and then we relaxed for a while.Our hotelroom wasreally ugly, to be honest, but wegotwhat we paid for.After getting a little sleep, probably 40 minutes, we went out for a walk. With a little amount of money in our hands, we went to the closest supermarket. We bought some water (because it?s not recommended to drink right from the tap), and some snacks. Andrea got an eye on this pretty park that all four of us went to (Taisa, Andrea, Elin and Erika). We sat down on this big bench and just enjoyed the view of the beautiful nature in the park.

Later in the evening, we ate at McDonalds (because it?s fast, cheap and easy). Then we went straight home early and jumped right to bed.

(this is the park we went to, called The Delhi nature)

Andrea & Taisa


Here is the budget for the trip! We hope we'll stick to it. :)

What ?

In Rupees


Phone subscriptions

499 x 4 = 1996 kr

Plane tickets

17 892 kr


601 + 1513 + 342 = 2 456 kr


32 652,2997 INR

3 500 kr


186 584,5695 INR

20000 kr

Tourist attractions and fun

158 596,884 INR

17000 kr


66 778,6174 INR

7 158 kr

To charity

93 292,2847 INR

10000 kr

= 746 338,2778 INR

= 80000 NOK



Hi, and welcome to our travel blog! Every one of us have been wanting to go to India for a long time, and now we are finally fulfilling our dreams!! We are all very excited about the trip and hope to update you as often as possible. We will be away for 2 weeks and we have already switched our mobile subscriptions to Mycall (for only 499,- kroner!), so we can call home everyday. :-)

As not mentioned, we are a group of four girls named Taisa Elipkhanova, Erika Hgensen, Elin Forbord and Andrea Kinn.

Ready to go! From the left: Taisa, Erika, Elin and Andrea.

Taisa is searching for her inner self and her true belief, and hopes she comes closer to an answer after this trip. She has been researching a lot and is open to try out new religions, such as the hinduism.

The one with the most interest in history is Erika. She can't wait to see for instance Taj Mahal and some of the hindu temples, and of course discover the life near the Ganges. Erika is a linguistic learner, so she is curious about this new language, Hindi. (Their first language is English, equal with Hindi)

Elin is the best of us in mathematics, so we have given her all the responsibility of anything that has to do with money (we really hope she don't screw this up!). All of us have saved up 20 000 NOK each, corresponding743 840 Indian rupee all together. Elin is really interested in politics, and she cares a lot about the living conditions in India. She really want to go undercover and be a part of the Indian society, not only as a tourist. Hope to get that done!
The most cultural of us is Andrea. She is an expert when it comes to food and music, and also famous celebrities all over the world. Bollywood is all she is thinking of 24/7 before take-off.

However, we are all intrested in the country itself, only the taught of visiting India are choking us.
We hope you all have a pleasant time watching us travel to the great India!

Have to go, it's boarding time. ;-)

-Elin & Erika

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Welcome to our adventure! Within 2 weeks the four of us are traveling to India to experience the history, culture, politics, habits and more fun about the country. We hope you'll enjoy, I bet we will :-)


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